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In the face of increasingly complex national security threats, if your technical consultant does not deliver critical science and technology guidance, our nation could be exposed to terrorist threats to life, property, and security. Without the right expertise on the job, our adversaries will continue to gain a strategic edge in the science and technology domains.


With expertise in computational sciences and cybersecurity, Datalytica has formulated and implemented technologies that increase security, strengthen military forces, serve public needs, and support critical missions. Additionally, our ability to build international coalitions and manage cross-functional initiatives will ensure effective coordination and informed decision-making across agencies and technical product teams.

When you bring Datalytica to your team, you can expect all of the following:


  • Science and technology leadership that strengthens national security due to expertise in leading major acquisition portfolios; aligning emerging technologies with warfighter needs and requirements, designing technology to mitigate future technology gaps, and directing teams through technical implementations.
  • Highly coordinated civilian and federal government technological advancement efforts as we collaborate with all stakeholders, ensuring cross-functional understanding of objectives, and maintain consistent communication.
  • Research and development efforts that meet future strategic needs resulting from our ability to transform innovative, forward-thinking ideas into actionable plans, programs, and technologies.



Datalytica: accelerating innovation



Responsive & Interactive

  • Tailored methods and algorithms 

  • Robust solutions for real world problems

  • Training on emerging technologies in the areas of data science, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technologies, crypto-currencies, digital identity, and more!


Numerous applications

  • Distributed Systems and Applications (DAPPS)

  • Data Mining, Integration, Temporal Alignment

  • Multi-Sensor Fusion, Inter-operability, and Sense Making

  • Communications and Networked Operations

  • Trusted Source and Verifiability of message traffic

  • Machine and human intelligence based solutions

Wider Scope

  • Proven methods developed and tested with real world data

  • Partnerships with local start up companies

  • Experience and partnerships with industrial and manufacturing partners




Pathway to success

  • Implement Efficacious Prototypes

  • Realize Improvements to Software Predictive Tools

  • Rigorous Software Testing

  • Integration of network and physical systems

  • Tailored Solutions for your problem domain